About Read Review

What is Read Review?

Read Review is a peer to peer proofreading service that offers support to students seeking the assurance that their written work is error free before submitting. This work could be coursework essays, dissertations, cover letters for internships or anything else.

Marking criteria at the majority of universities state that you can lose up to 15% due to poor grammar, spelling and readability. This could be the difference between a first and a lower second class which if this is a dissertation will have a huge impact on your degree. Read Review’s mission is to prevent this from happening!

We currently have a team of academics, PhD candidates and Masters students proofreading for Read Review. When we return your work after it has been proofread, we will also send you the profile of the proof reader to ensure that total transparency is upheld.

Our Story

Read Review was founded in January 2019 after Christian realised he was losing unnecessary marks on his History essays due to silly typos and mistakes. He found that after reading through his work so many times, some errors would become invisible to him and so determined a second pair of eyes were required to check through his work to prevent them slipping though the net.

We realised we needed an online service that provided quality proofreading at an affordable rate. Although we found many online proofreading businesses, we thought they charged too much to simply check over spelling, grammar and readability.

Our aim is to be the go-to website for any kind of proofreading. We want to provide you with a high quality service at an affordable rate whilst being completely transparent and efficient.


Meet the founders

Christian Tetlow


Christian is a History undergraduate at the University of Nottingham. 

In between writing essays and running Read Review, you’ll probably find him in the gym attempting to reach his goal of becoming the new Arnold. 

Daniel Harrison


Dan is an Engineering undergraduate at the University of Nottingham.

Although the same age, Dan’s now a year behind Christian after taking a gap year. Ask him about it, just don’t mention Morocco…

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